All over the world we are all having a very difficult time. There are many things we took for granted each season such as enjoying the Cherry blossoms in Japan during this time. Even though most of us couldn’t enjoy gathering under them, the trees still blossomed. No doubt the trees will definitely bloom again next spring and we will see them as long as we stay healthy.

I will keep a Cherry blossom decoration with the addition of the Boy’s Day decoration (Boy’s Day: the 5th of May) in the Sunshine Japanese classroom.

Hope you haven’t been missed your Japanese lessons as I have been missing our fun filled lessons together and hope to see everyone back in class when the virus goes away. Lessons are now available online via Skype or Zoom, but I do look forward to getting back to normal sometime soon. Let’s stay strong and be hopeful that good things are coming. I feel a new season is on its way with a cooling fresh breeze.







4月(しがつ)は、さくらのきせつです。日本(にほん)のさくらは、ことしも きれいですよ。