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Sunshine Japanese is a Japanese language school by Sunshine academy

Hello, my name is Yoko O’Brien, Japanese teacher and founder of Sunshine Japanese, Mooroobool, Cairns, Australia. I have been in Australia since 2006 and have been teaching Japanese in Cairns since 2007 as in Japan before then. I also love travelling around Japan and enjoy talking about the culture and places to visit, which is integrated into my lessons in an interesting and fun way. However, I recently realise that some Sunshine members (students at Sunshine Japanese) have been to more places in Japan than me, therefore I have to keep up with them!

Sunshine Japanese is a cosy, friendly, student-centred school. Learners have their own aims and goals in learning Japanese, such as whether they want to gain more enjoyment from their Japan trip or if like reading Japanese novels and understanding Japanese TV drama or news.  Due to this, a student-centred teaching has been implemented to provide essential facts for individual learners’ satisfaction, being my primary focus. The most difficult part in learning Japanese in another country such as Australia, is the limited exposure and immersion in the language and culture, but I try to enhance the learning and bring into different and interesting elements from past experiences, ideas, and knowledge of the Japanese language, which can give you a further depth of understanding, no matter what level you are at in the Japanese language.

In your learning, I provide ample resources in both audio and visual for Sunshine members. Thanks to technology! You can gain easy access online, at any time and at your leisure, can study Japanese. Having easy accessibility allows for self paced improvement in your Japanese language learning.

Additionally, Sunshine Japanese also has a blog where anyone can keep up to date with what is happening with the latest news, available for all learners of Japanese. The blog is fun and helpful with your Japanese learning, either by listening to the audio or reading the script. Each blog has 3 comments in each different level of Japanese. Learners can pick a suitable one to listen, read and learn from.

Now, if you are interested in learning Japanese, you are always welcome to contact me.

For your next Japan trip, Sunshine Japanese can get you ready and provide you with a 5 week Travel Japanese course. This course aims to give you the essential requirements when travelling in Japan and promises you will enjoy new experiences and discoveries on your next trip.

If you would like to learn Japanese from the ground up, the Beginner Japanese course would be suitable. It is made up of 1 module each week for 10 weeks. If you have already learned Japanese, that’s okay as your level can be checked for free and you can start at a module most suitable to your level.

You can also have private lessons both in person and online. Private lessons are completely tailored to your demands for both content and time schedule.

Sunshine Japanese is also on Facebook, Sunshine Japanese in Cairns, I share helpful information about travelling in Japan, the culture, food, and so on.

Overall, learning Japanese is all about new discoveries in a different culture, meeting new people, eating great food and enjoying new experiences. When you are ready to brush up on or start fresh learning the Japanese language, I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Sunshine Japanese.

Kind Regards,

Yoko O’Brien (Sunshine Japanese)







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