My husband and I had a 3-week holiday in Japan from the end of May until the middle of June. It was a nice calm climate except for a few rainy days.

We organized one trip to Mt Fuji. It was my husband’s first time and my second visit there. I went to the fifth station of Mr Fuji with my mum when I was a primary school kid. What I remembered was only one memory of eating such nice sweet corn.

I would like to tell you more about the holiday; however, this blog focuses on our sudden decision to climb down Mt Fuji since I imagined climbing down would be much easier than climbing up. This is what happened to us, there is a periodical order.

We took a bus to the fifth station. We were supposed to have one trail walk around the station. When we looked for more information at the fifth station information desk, we found that it was possible to climb down under our responsibility. Then we changed our plan. The route to climb up from the fifth station to the top was not open yet. Therefore, that trail to the bottom was very quiet and we enjoyed the magnificent view and nice breeze by ourselves.

We still passed a couple of climbers who came up from the bottom. At that time, I was wondering if we could give or sell someone our return bus tickets. We paid for those tickets as we planned to take a bus to go back down. We were having a wonderful time and it was not becoming a big deal any more. A while later, one Japanese women’s group of about 7 turned up by walking up. Of course, we had a chat. In the end, we found they were taking a bus to go down but had no tickets yet. How lucky! They bought our tickets. Thank you, Ladies! Also, they told us that climbing down is actually harder than climbing up. I couldn’t understand it at that moment. Then, the ladies said “Take care!” and passed us.

In the next second, when the last two of them were still in our field of vision, I slipped and fell down. I fell on my back. It is difficult to figure out what happened from that posture; however, I had my knee cut and bleeding. Now, I absolutely understand what the ladies said to us. Both of us wore sneakers but they were not good enough. It was quite easy to slip over on the fine sandy stones. I didn’t notice that until this big accident. Lucky I had some band-aids in my bag. I really appreciate my habit.

After that, walking was a bit difficult for me. But I was not so bad that my husband didn’t need to carry me on his back. Just it took us more time to walk, that was a problem. Eventually, I slipped and fell down two more times. But the first time was only one where I had cut myself. A few hours later, we checked the time and calculated how many more hours we had for the bus back to Nagoya, which is my hometown. That was the day we went home. I felt so much pressure.

Finally, it took us almost 5 hours to get down and we caught the bus home.

From the next day I had a sore body as you can imagine. But it was a good memory and terrific experience! I would like to challenge to climb up to the top next time!

Thank you for reading this long blog. As I can tell you like this, that was all a good memory and excellent experience! I will take the challenge to climb up next time!






みなさんも ぜひチャレンジしてみてください!



ふじさんを みたことが ありますか。 ふじさんに いったことが ありますか。

ふじさんを のぼったことが ありますか。

わたしは ふじさんの 5ごうめから あるいて おりました。3かい ころびました。