It’s been a long time since the last post. So I am back and ready to be posting blogs again!

One of the recent topics which I was worrying about was an American underwear brand was going to take the name “KIMONO” and use it to market a certain type of new underwear.

Although in the end, it was decided not to use the name. What a big relief.

When I heard that news first, it reminded me of UGG boots. In Japan, UGG boots are a famous American boot brand; however, ugg boots were originally just a name of that type of boots made from sheepskin that were popular in Australia and then the world. No matter what brand make ugg boots, they are just ugg boots. But no longer can anyone advertise their boots as ugg boots because the name is registered. What pity it is!

I was afraid that this would happen to the Kimono as well, but now relieved it did not happen.

Let’s hope KIMONO can be just Japanese traditional clothes forever.

What are some products that come from household names that you can remember? Let me know in the comments below.





もどって来(き)ました! また、よろしくお願(ねが)いいたします。











あるアメリカのブランドのしたぎが KIMONOというなまえになるかもしれませんでした。