Sunshine Newsletter for August 2020


We have a chilly dry season in Cairns this year. Hopefully, you enjoy that.

In the world, we still need to cope with this tough situation by the COVID-19. Underestimating would be making much worse a scenario. I hope everyone stays safe and well.






Workshop & Kōryū-kai (gathering) :  

Unfortunately, we will have no workshop & koryū-kai this month again.



Oshaberi Club: 

Oshaberi club (where you can practice your Japanese conversational skills with other participants who are interested in a certain topic) consisting of two groups, one being elementary to pre-intermediate and the other being intermediate or higher. Please feel free to jump in and enjoy this fun challenge.


***GROUP 1: Intermediate or higher*** This month, we will try “show and tell” in Japanese for the first time. The participants will bring Japanese souvenirs and give a speech about that. Let’s see how it goes. I look forward to seeing their performance.

Please come and join us.

Time:   1:00 pm, Saturday, 15th August


***GROUP 2: Elementary to pre-intermediate*** Don’t hesitate, and just give a go! Let’s talk about your most previous trip to Japan, what you like, what you didn’t like, tell us what was interesting, fun, cool or new that you discovered. Bring some photos, prints, gift (Omiyage), trinket, anything that you brought back from your travels and let’s chat about it this Oshaberi club.

Please come and join us.

Time:   3:00 pm, Saturday, 15th August


For both groups, please book your attendance so that I can organise the groups. Try to book at the earliest time to reserve your spot as you don’t want to miss out.


Place:                Sunshine Japanese

Fee:                   $30

Enrolment:      email Yoko at / RSVP: 12th August


おしゃべりクラブは、ふたグループあります。メンバーのおしゃべりも とても自然(しぜん)な会話(かいわ)になってきました。いろいろな話題(わだい)にチャレンジしています。特(とく)に中級(ちゅうきゅう)クラスは、日本語(にほんご)で人(ひと)に伝(つた)えるレベルに来(き)ています。さらなる成長(せいちょう)を期待(きたい)しています。

***中級(ちゅうきゅう)以上(いじょう)*** 今月(こんげつ)は、オーストラリアの小学校(しょうがっこう)でよく行(おこな)われる「show and tell」をおしゃべりクラブで初(はじ)めて挑戦(ちょうせん)します。今回(こんかい)は日本(にほん)のお土産(みやげ)を持(も)ってきて、話(はな)してもらいます。私(わたし)自身(じしん)、とても楽(たの)しみです。

***初級(しょきゅう)から初中級(しょちゅうきゅう)*** はじめての人(ひと)は、じこしょうかいをおねがいします。こんげつのテーマは、にほんのりょこうです。りょこうのしゃしんや 日本(にほん)のものをもってきて、みせてください。そして、はなします。何(なに)を食(た)べましたか。おいしかったですか。トラブルはありませんでしたか。いろいろはなしてください。



News corner: 

Prepare for the next travel to Japan, hopefully not so far in the future

We still have no idea when we can go to Japan again. However, we should get prepared for the next travel to Japan. Catch up what is going on in Japan and also find some great places you can visit next. We can get various information online. Check them out!

The Japan Times

Japan Endless Discovery



Sunshine Library

Sunshine Japanese has launched a Library service at the classroom. There are some English books written by Japanese authors and some Japanese DVDs with English subtitles. You are able to borrow one of those for 2 weeks first and extend for a week if you like unless anyone is waiting. If you are interested, please let me know in a lesson or via email.




Once again, I wish we can get everything back to normal soon all over the world.

If anyone has any other information or news to share, please let me know via email or in your next lesson.



Sunshine Japanese      サンシャイン・ジャパニーズ

Yoko O’Brien                 オブライエン陽子(ようこ)





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