Sunshine Newsletter for August 2019

A summer holiday in Japan is coming soon and it will begin in the middle of August. We might see a lot of Japanese tourists in Cairns during that time, which means, you might get a chance to try your Japanese conversation skills, try to give directions or provide local knowledge and really welcome them to this beautiful city, Cairns.



Workshop and Kōryū-kai (gathering):   

I am now planning the next Japanese green tea (Matcha) workshop. Matcha is the most famous and popular tea from Japan; however, there is not only Matcha but quite a variety of different tea types produced in Japan. This workshop will introduce several types of green tea and give you insights in to its healing qualities, tradition and simplicity. Gain further knowledge, learn more Japanese and discover how to prepare such a refreshing drink. Let’s enjoy Green tea.

After the workshop, please take part in the gathering (Kōryū-kai) with a friendly chat and some more tea.

I look forward to you joining in for the Matcha workshop and Kōryū-kai.

Time:                 1:00pm, 21st September

Place:                Sunshine Japanese (Bentley Park)

Fee:                   $15

Enrollment:      email Yoko at / RSVP: 18th September

次(つぎ)のワークショップと交流会(こうりゅうかい)は九月(くがつ)にあります。テーマは、日本(にほん)のお茶(ちゃ)です。日本(にほん)のお茶(おちゃ)と言(い)えば、「抹茶(まっちゃ)」が有名(ゆうめい)ですが、他(ほか)にもいろいろあります。抹茶(まっちゃ)だけでなく、Green teaは健康(けんこう)にいい飲(の)み物(もの)です。もっと知(し)ると、もっとお茶(ちゃ)を楽(たの)しむことができますよ!



Oshaberi Club: 

Oshaberi club (where you can practice your Japanese conversational skills with other participants who are interested in a certain topic) consisting of two groups, one being elementary to pre-intermediate and the other being intermediate or higher. Please feel free to jump in and enjoy this fun challenge.

***GROUP 1: Intermediate or higher*** This month, you will talk about something you found strange, funny and/or fascinating in Japan. This can be something you would like to tell a Japanese person or group that you may encounter when on your next trip to Japan. You can practice in this group session and then when you get a chance in Japan, try it out for real. Oshaberi club is great for confidence building and improving your Japanese. Also its really good to be able to interact with the local people when you are on your next trip to Japan.

Please come and join us.

Time:   1:00 pm, Saturday, 24th August

***GROUP 2: Elementary to pre-intermediate*** This month, let’s talk about your most previous trip to Japan, what you like, what you didn’t like, tell us what was interesting, fun, cool or new that you discovered. Bring some photos, prints, gift (Omiyage), trinket, anything that you brought back from your travels and let’s chat about it this Oshaberi club.

Please come and join us.

Time:   3:00 pm, Saturday, 24th August


For both groups, please book your attendance so that I can organise the groups. Try book at the earliest time to reserve your spot as you don’t want to miss out.

Place:                 Sunshine Japanese (Bentley Park classroom)

Fee:                   $30

Enrollment:      email Yoko at / RSVP: 21st August

おしゃべりクラブは、ふたグループあります。メンバーのおしゃべりも とても自然(しぜん)な会話(かいわ)になってきました。いろいろな話題(わだい)にチャレンジしています。特(とく)に中級(ちゅうきゅう)クラスは、日本語(にほんご)で人(ひと)に伝(つた)えるレベルに来(き)ています。さらなる成長(せいちょう)を期待(きたい)しています。

***中級(ちゅうきゅう)以上(いじょう)*** 今月(こんげつ)は、日本(にほん)の変(へん)なところ、面白(おもしろ)いところ、いいところを話(はな)しましょう。日本人(にほんじん)に話(はな)したら、面白(おもしろ)がられると思(おも)いますよ。

***初級(しょきゅう)から初中級(しょちゅうきゅう)*** はじめての人(ひと)は、じこしょうかいをおねがいします。こんげつのテーマは、にほんのりょこうです。りょこうのしゃしんや 日本(にほん)のものをもってきて、みせてください。そして、はなします。何(なに)を食(た)べましたか。おいしかったですか。トラブルはありませんでしたか。いろいろはなしてください。


News corner: 


Cairns Japan Bon dance festival 2019 will be held in the Esplanade (near the Night Markets) on the 18th of August, Sunday, 2:00pm – 8:00pm. A Bon dance festival is one of many traditional festivals held in summer in Japan. Bon is the name of the period, from the 13th – 16th of August, Japanese people believe is the time for the spirits of people who passed away to come home. Therefore, Japanese people originally dance at the last evening of Bon so that they can see off the spirits safely and peacefully back to where they are from.

At the Cairns Japan Bon dance festival you can enjoy dancing and also taste the many Japanese street food available. You may also see some people wearing summer Kimono (Yukata) then. Come along and join in sending off the spirits this 18th of August, 2019.




If anyone has any other information or news to share, please let me know via email or in your next lesson.



Sunshine Japanese      サンシャイン・ジャパニーズ

Yoko O’Brien                 オブライエン陽子





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