The current Rugby World Cup being held in Japan has created a lot of stories and made the Japanese people wildly excited about the game even though most of them didn’t have any interest or knowledge, or didn’t know much of the rules. One article said that the characteristics of rugby such as respect to the other teams and all umpires is similar to that of Bushi-do which is the code of conduct for Japanese Sumurai: frugality, righteousness, courage, benevolence, respect, sincerity, honour, loyalty, and self-control. That is interesting to me as I never thought why I don’t like some physical fights or unreasonable aggressive behaviours in sports’ games. I hope rugby will become a more popular sport in Japan.



Workshop and Kōryū-kai (gathering):  

First of all, apology for changing the date of the next workshop into the 16th of November although I announced the 9th in the last Newsletter.

The next workshop will focus on Japanese Miso. Miso is a paste for cooking miso soup. You might have noticed it from your travel in Japan: some locations have their own variety of miso. This workshop will introduce several major types of miso and their strong points. In the workshop, you will have a chance to taste miso. You will also learn about how to use Miso in other cooking too; therefore you can start to include miso in more of your meals. Miso is one of Japanese health foods and it’s tasty too.

After the workshop, please take part in Kōryū-kai (the gathering) with a friendly chat and some Japanese tea.

I look forward to you joining in for the Miso workshop and Kōryū-kai.

Time:                 1:00pm, 16th November

Place:                Sunshine Japanese (Bentley Park)

Fee:                   $15

Enrolment:      email Yoko at / RSVP: 13th November






Oshaberi Club: 

Oshaberi club (where you can practice your Japanese conversational skills with other participants who are interested in a certain topic) consisting of two groups, one being elementary to pre-intermediate and the other being intermediate or higher. Please feel free to jump in and enjoy this fun challenge.


***GROUP 1: Intermediate or higher*** This month, let’s talk about sport’s rules. Choose one sport and tell us the rules of it. Just imagine the listener has no ideas about that sport; therefore, you can explain the standard rules as well as some unknown ones. It is a good chance to build up the vocabulary about sports.

Please come and join us.

Time:   1:00 pm, Saturday, 23th November


***GROUP 2: Elementary to pre-intermediate*** This month, let’s talk about your most previous trip to Japan, what you like, what you didn’t like, tell us what was interesting, fun, cool or new that you discovered. Bring some photos, prints, gift (Omiyage), trinket, anything that you brought back from your travels and let’s chat about it this Oshaberi club.

Please come and join us.

Time:   3:00 pm, Saturday, 23th November


For both groups, please book your attendance so that I can organise the groups. Try book at the earliest time to reserve your spot as you don’t want to miss out.

Place:                Sunshine Japanese (Bentley Park classroom)

Fee:                   $30

Enrolment:      email Yoko at / RSVP: 20th November October

おしゃべりクラブは、ふたグループあります。メンバーのおしゃべりも とても自然(しぜん)な会話(かいわ)になってきました。いろいろな話題(わだい)にチャレンジしています。特(とく)に中級(ちゅうきゅう)クラスは、日本語(にほんご)で人(ひと)に伝(つた)えるレベルに来(き)ています。さらなる成長(せいちょう)を期待(きたい)しています。

***中級(ちゅうきゅう)以上(いじょう)*** 今月(こんげつ)は、スポーツのルールについて話(はな)しましょう。ルールを全然(ぜんぜん)知(し)らない人(ひと)に話(はな)すつもりで話(はな)してください。なので、簡単(かんたん)なルールからあまり知(し)られていないものまで話(はな)せるといいですね。スポーツについてのボキャブラリーを増(ふ)やすチャンスです!

***初級(しょきゅう)から初中級(しょちゅうきゅう)*** はじめての人(ひと)は、じこしょうかいをおねがいします。こんげつのテーマは、にほんのりょこうです。りょこうのしゃしんや 日本(にほん)のものをもってきて、みせてください。そして、はなします。何(なに)を食(た)べましたか。おいしかったですか。トラブルはありませんでしたか。いろいろはなしてください。



News corner: 

Japanese Film Festival 2019 in Cairns, SOON!

This annual event will be held on the 3rd of November. It will include an animated film that everyone can enjoy, a heart-warming slice-of-life reflection on family relationships and a meditative drama on the art of the Japanese tea ceremony. The film titled “Every Day a Good Day” is the one that I have already read the book and am excited to see it in movie format and would like to see it, maybe at this festival. Check out the movies timetable and see if you can attend, and then book it in your schedule. Unfortunately, the anime is English dubbed and not Japanese dub with English subs, anyway it still is Anime and will be great to see some new movies straight out of Japan. Don’t miss out this chance!

Date:                 3rd November, 2019 (1st movie at 12pm; 2nd at 2pm; and 3rd at 4:30pm)

Place:                Event Cinemas Smithfield, Smithfield Shopping Centre

Fee:                   Free, but limited seats so better to arrive 30 minutes prior to screening

Enrolment:      email



Dad’s Lunch Box:

Every Day a Good Day:


毎年(まいとし)恒例(こうれい)のJapanese Film Festivalがやって来(き)ます!11月(じゅういちがつ)3日(みっか)日曜日(にちようび)、スミスフィールであります。アニメ1本(いっぽん)と実写(じっしゃ)映画(えいが)2本(にほん)です。その2本(にほん)のうちの1本(いっぽん)は、原作(げんさく)の本(ほん)を読(よ)んで、見(み)たいなと思(おも)っていた映画(えいが)です。残念(ざんねん)ながら、アニメは英語(えいご)で見(み)ます。映画(えいが)の内容(ないよう)や時間(じかん)をチェックしてくださいね!


Japan Society of Cairns Bazaar NOV 2019­­

Japan Society of Cairns will hold a bazaar in the Orchid Plaza on the 24th of November. That is for Japanese people living in Cairns; however, you might be able to find something good for your interest and study. I guess they would sell Japanese books for both adults and children and some goods from Japan. Also, you will have a chance to speak Japanese although they speak English. You would simply say “Would Japanese language be ok (to speak)?” in Japanese.

Date: 24th November, 10:00-12:00

Place: Orchid Plaza, 1F (on the Lake street side)



If anyone has any other information or news to share, please let me know via email or in your next lesson.



Sunshine Japanese      サンシャイン・ジャパニーズ

Yoko O’Brien                 オブライエン陽子