I went to watch a Cairns Taipans’ game against Melbourne Phoenix on New Year’s eve.

It was an awesome game! Almost all throughout the game, they both were very close, rejoicing and lamenting throughout the ever-changing game. Eventually, they won with enough points for us to be relieved.

After the game, I took a photo with Mr Scott Machado, one of Taipan’s ace players. Actually, my hubby, who is just a tiny bit taller than him, took this photo. Can you realise that their eye heights are the same and only I am down there looking far up like a child?

I feel that I have started 2020 full of energy. Thank you, Taipans! Thank you, Machado!










おおみそかの よる、ケアンズのバスケットボールチーム、タイパンズのゲームに 行(い)きました。

いいゲームでした!タイパンズが かちましたよ。とてもたのしかったです。

ゲームのあとで、タイパンズのマチャードさんと しゃしんをとりました。うれしかったです。

2020ねん、いいとしに しましょう!